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"There are little things that take you from nice to THAT GUY."

On the second of episode of Let's Talk About It with Naja Imani, DJ Skillzdiscusses cultivating his businesses while still remaining humble and compassionate. DJ Skillz along with Theo and Train host the podcast “REAL IS REAL” where they discuss any and everything with their guest of the day. He shares advice on how to navigate business partnerships with loved ones and how to read people to understand how to better communicate with them.

DJ Skillz develops from a fire disc-jockey into a personality that will be recognized for not only who he is but, how he gives back. He identifies the various aspects that make a phenomenal DJ today, one including knowing how to control your audience. DJ Skillz also pays homage to the people that inspire him in his craft such as DJ Pro Tunes and talented local DJs from his community.

DJ Skillz shares his perspective on the controversial topic regarding Kanye West’s comment: “When you hear about slavery for 400 years ... For 400 years? That sounds like a choice." Although not a popular opinion, he believes that there is some method behind Kanye West's madness.

Currently DJ Skillz, relaunched another season of the "REAL IS REAL"podcast with Theo and Train. He has organized two talent showcases: one of the two titled “Free Fall Fest" which concluded with being a talk of the town. Keep up with this guy because he is making moves that will surely impact this upcoming generation of podcast personalities and DJs!

Tune into Let's Talk About It with Naja Imani Episode: “Trust the Process” to hear more of this fire interview!


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