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  • Nia Elcock

The BIG Picture

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Make your dreams your . . . R E A L I T Y.

Everyone has something that they desire to achieve, but are you willing to work for it?

You decided to start up that business, sign up for that class, or accept that job; so always remember that you’re the author of this story.


Here are some tips to ensure you keep the vision B I G:

  1. S T A Y M O T I V A T E D

Picture this; finishing lap, your out of breath, and with just two seconds left of the race you’re the one who breaks the ribbon! What were your reasons to keep running?

Try envisioning the end goal. The things that you are chasing after are what you are looking forward to obtaining. Have a strong foundation. Know the purpose of achieving your goal. Reevaluate your why and then pursue your what. Fight for the dream that is burning in your heart because no one is going to do what you have been called to do like YOU.

2. D O N ’ T Q U I T

There will be difficulties that feel so impossible to bear that you will want to quit rather than continue on. You are not a quitter. You have been created to do something awesome and to be a bright light here. So when times are not peaches and cream, I need you to roll up sleeves and continue fighting for your dreams. You are not a mistake. The dreams that you have are not dumb or far-fetched. You have the ability and willingness to foster your vision. Yes, you have heard no, (and more than once might I add), but anything worth value comes with effort and work. You do not have time to wallow or participate in that pity party; you are amazing. Stay in your lane, and your lane only. Continue to sow on your own ground. You are exactly where you need to be and there are lessons to be learned right where you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and know that giving up is not an option.

3. M A K E T H E S H O E F I T

In order to get to the big vision, you need to start seeing yourself as the person you envision when you are clutching your goals in your hands. You will never be in control of everything that is around you, but you are in control of yourself, your actions, and your surroundings. Make small changes to impact the big goal you are striving for. This doesn’t happen in a day or a week. There is no quick process to personal transformation. It is a day in and day out renewal of one’s mind and actions. Take that first step, and be that person your dreaming about.


Take it easy, you got this!

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