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  • Nia Elcock



"Your drive should never leave because it's your passion."

No Days Off (N.D.O) Dance Company joins Naja Imani on the sixth of episode of Let’s Talk About It Podcast. The members of theN.D.O. Dance Company reveal how the foundation of their growing company was built. They speak about the highs and lows of working with family members and the importance of having a team to support the growth of the vision. Some of the N.D.O. Dance Company members discuss how to balance between nourishing your romantic relationship while pouring into your craft. They drop so many gems in this episode of Let's Talk About It Podcast!

The members give tips on keeping their different styles original and who their influences are. N.D.O. Dance Company exemplify how excellent leadership influences a team of soar and therefore leading to a thriving company! 

N.D.O Dance Company has worked with various celebrities fromFat Joe to Ashanti and more.  They offer choreography classes and engage within their communities to reach people through dance. Keep up with their progress on their Instagram and YouTube pages. You can reach out to them at

Don't forget, tune into the sixth episode to learn more about this dance company that is taking the world by storm!

Tune into Let's Talk About It with Naja Imani Episode: “No Days Off” to hear more of this thrilling interview! Follow the Podcast on all social platforms Soundcloud: Naja Imani Apple Podcast: Naja Imani Instagram: @_letstalkbusiness Twitter: @GCM_LetsTalk

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