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  • Nia Elcock



"Try to make a job for yourself...CREATE that."

Nia Elcock, a student studying nursing at the University of West Georgia, and Toya Mendez, a fashion designer and creator of The Grunge Project, join Naja Imani on Let’s Talk About It Podcast about life after college. Tune in and be enlightened on the college experience, mental health, and the reality of debt as one tries to navigate #adulting Nia Elcock shares a perspective of what she imagines post graduate life to be like while still being in school. She shares how her thoughts transformed regarding career and adult life. Ms. Elcock gets emotional while sharing her personal mental journey, and how her collegiate institution aided in that.  Toya Mendez and Naja Imani share the harsh realities of what they have learned from their personal college experience and life afterwards. Nia Elcock currently is preparing for nursing school, interning for Wonder Women Mentorship ProgramThe Glow Getter Inc. and is a media journalist for Let's Talk About It podcast. Listen to the third episode of Let's Talk About It Podcast to get a fresh perspective of college.

Tune into Let's Talk About It with Naja Imani Episode: “Auntie Sallie Mae” to hear more of this thrilling interview! Follow the Podcast on all social platforms Soundcloud: Naja Imani Apple Podcast: Naja Imani Instagram: @_letstalkbusiness Twitter: @GCM_LetsTalk

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